Hello World!

Wow my first post 🤩and I have no idea what I’m doing.

Problem number 1

To start a blog you need a niche, mmm I have no niche unless having no niche is my niche.

Problem number 2

Select your target audience, I have no idea what my blog will be about, mmm I have no targeted audience.

Problem number 3

I actually have no clue, but hey I’ll give it a shot.

So they’re all things I don’t have and they seem or appear to be pretty important. I do know the result I want from my blog. I want that feeling when you just chat about nothing with your friends but it feels like everything. You know chin wag therapy, well that’s what I want everyone to gain from reading my blog some chin wag therapy. I want you to grab your favourite beverage and snacks, relax, enjoy and just be here in the moment.

Actually it really has got me thinking though m, has having a good old chin wag a thing of the past. It seems we prefer to text, send an emoji or even just the letter k to communicate with each other.

I know I’m guilty of this myself and being caught up in work, living and chasing the illusion of time just seems to justify not making the time to chat. To be completely honest there has been times when my anxiety has taken over, and I’ve chosen to text rather than call allowing my anxiety to win.

So I’m going to try and keep this blog raw and honest. Those that know me know I’m not really one for following or being part of systems. I tend to do things to beat of my own drum and then have plenty of ‘oh shit’ moments’. I guess it’s one of the blessings/curses of living as an adult with ADHD.

So I hope you follow along and enjoy my chaos and my blog/journal that has no rhyme or reason.

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